Thank You WE Magazine for Women!

Thank-You 2Thank you @WE_Magazine for Women for naming ME in the Top 100 Women in eCommerce for 2014     Click here to access the Who’s Who edition of WE Magazine!

I’m so honored to be in the presence of Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women and the rest of the talented women who have made a difference online, in their businesses, their communities and in the lives of others in WE Magazine for Women, Who’s Who Edition: Top 100 Women in eCommerce for 2014.

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green grass ds writeAs the year begins 2014 to wind down, DreamSTRONG™ is winding UP!  We will begin to provide membership, live events, and online webinars beginning in 2015 as we are in the program development stages now.  We are gathering a vast network of women across North America to become DreamSTRONG Ambassadors in their area. How exciting is that!?

Support for the foundation is crucial to its success. We are in need of your help financially, but in volunteerism as well.

So here is one way you can help:

Are you a writer? Would you like to be? Has your work ever been published? Yes? no? Wish to be? We can help with that, too! The DreamSTRONG Foundation is sponsoring a writing opportunity for all! Men, women, children—anyone with words of inspiration to share, all while supporting a wonderful cause.  The DreamSTRONG™ Daybook project is actively seeking anyone that would like to be published in an inspirational calendar-style gift book that will be cherished for years to come.

You can even request special dates, and if they’re available, they’re yours! (on a first come, first served basis). Enjoy a discount on multiple date requests. Help us fill this book, and help the DreamSTRONG Foundation for Women.

Bright Blessings,


A New Beginning

Can I say it now?

That’s over! It meant so much to me that Dian Anderson, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Kris Voelker, Robin Harned, and Heather McCloskey Beck were in town and could be by my side for the launch of the DreamSTRONG™ Foundation…the evening before the Celebrating the Spirit of Women™ live event on Friday, October 3. The 3rd annual event was Just. So. Amazing. and to add the launch of something so important as DreamSTRONG in coordinated effort, WOW!  My heart is overflowing. I appreciate family that was there, my baby sister, Brent’s parents.

The DreamSTRONG™ Foundation is gearing up to begin its mission soon but there is much going on behind the scenes in preparation.  Our heartfelt and most sincere words of GRATITUDE pale in comparison to how much it meant to us for the love, the support, the help to get the job done by so many.


So, as I will continue to say:
When you Dream…


Celebrating the Spirit of Women™ ~ October 3

It’s just around the corner!  I’m getting excited for the next edition of Celebrating the Spirit of Women™ Live Event! Organizing this event reminds me how wonderful it is to see my friends working so hard together on a project that they hold near and dear to their hearts—and that makes my heart sing.

Many have asked us what sets this event apart from other women’s events. The answer is simple.  We bring in amazing speakers, have lots of shopping, music to make us dance and sooth our soul, gifts and food, but it isn’t really about any of that…

It’s about the women who attend!

It’s about getting the red carpet treatment from the moment you step into the venue. It’s about being a hard-working woman and being appreciated and learning to own and celebrate what makes you unique, amazing, and wonderfully made. It is a celebration, after all.

If you have never attended this event, I hope you will attend this year. This year, I will be speaking and opening my heart to those who will accept it.  Women in the past have told us they didn’t want to leave at the end of the day. I’d say that’s a pretty successful day. (Usually when I’m attending a conference I’m looking at the clock ready to make the mad dash out of there at the end!). At Celebrating the Spirit of Women™ we find ourselves gently nudging our guests toward the door. How fun!

Will I see you there?  You can register by clicking HERE!  Once the seats are sold out, they are truly SOLD OUT and the doors close.

Celebrating the Spirit of Women 2014