Dream it. Dare it. Do it!

When aiming at your dream, are you where you want to be? If not, read on!

1. Ditch the Glitch!

Is there a missing step you haven’t taken? Was there a call you should have made, a meeting you should have attended? Maybe you get in the groove from time to time, but not as consistently as needed. Perhaps you lost interest because you found little to no success when you did do what was needed. The important thing is to recognize the moment when you gave in, gave up, or zoned out—and identify the triggers associated with it. Don’t give up on your dream now. No, not now. If you’re missing something, take a good hard (honest) look at your actions, or lack thereof. It’s hidden in there somewhere. dream big 2

2. Put Your Big Girl Panties On

If you’re hesitant to make a unique or bold move in the interest of your dream, ask yourself, ” What’s really the worst thing that could happen?”  I say allow the virtue of patience enter the picture here. Avoid jumping to conclusions for the ‘right answers.’  Give yourself every opportunity to get quiet within, and do so on a regular basis.  If you allow it, the solutions will come to you on their own. What are you really afraid of? Is it fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection, hesitancy due to what people may think? Maybe you’re dealing with loss, anger or guilt, or something so personal that it’s altogether different.  It is said the more unsettled you feel, the closer you are to a breakthrough. Don’t run for the hills, stay on track. Suck it up, buttercup. It will be worth it in the end.

3. Stay True to You 

It takes courage to stand your ground and fight for that which creates your dream. But if you don’t fight for it, who will? The alternative then manifests itself as dream left unfulfilled and your gifts go unshared with the world. Try imagining that the worst that could happen, did.  Let yourself feel it, deeply, even if it gets uncomfortable.  Soon you will begin to think your way out of that uncomfortable place and come away with a plan to dissuade it from occurring. This is your dream. YOU must protect it, right?

4. Rinse and Repeat

It’s liberating to weather the storm and emerge through to the other side.  You will find that the emotions, excuses, reasons, blah blah, that you thought was absolutely intolerable isn’t! You gain personal power by accepting the circumstances because then, and only then, will you survive and thrive because you have defeated the doubts and fears.  Give yourself a break. Those feelings can no longer undermine your dream. Stop procrastinating, work smarter and harder, and get into the flow.  Repeat all these steps when you begin to feel that you are faltering.  Each time you will find that the process gets easier and quicker.


Here’s to your dreams, and mine. Let’s do this! 

With Love,



WE Magazine for Women Top 100

Today I find myself truly humconnie we mag coverbled and honored to have been named one of the Top 100 Women in eCommerce by WE Magazine for Women.  There are amazing women serving their constituents and communities well featured in this issue and I’m proud to be among them. I have met some of them and am fortunate to call some of them my personal friends. It’s hard to toot your own horn, and I struggle with that to be sure, but this is indeed an honor and I am so very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You WE Magazine for Women!

Thank-You 2Thank you @WE_Magazine for Women for naming ME in the Top 100 Women in eCommerce for 2014     Click here to access the Who’s Who edition of WE Magazine!

I’m so honored to be in the presence of Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women and the rest of the talented women who have made a difference online, in their businesses, their communities and in the lives of others in WE Magazine for Women, Who’s Who Edition: Top 100 Women in eCommerce for 2014.

WE Mag Who's Who


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Support for the foundation is crucial to its success. We are in need of your help financially, but in volunteerism as well.

So here is one way you can help:

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You can even request special dates, and if they’re available, they’re yours! (on a first come, first served basis). Enjoy a discount on multiple date requests. Help us fill this book, and help the DreamSTRONG Foundation for Women.

Bright Blessings,