A DreamSTRONG™ Daybook!

b and c dreamstrongThe DreamSTRONG™ movement is geared to be a nonprofit foundation created by Brent & Connie Gorrell in loving memory and legacy of their four sons. The Gorrells overcame insurmountable tragedies and live to share their amazing story that inspires the nation. Their DreamSTRONG™ Foundation teaches that a dream without a goal is only a wish, but with guided direction and education, that wish can manifest into a valuable reality. The mission is to help women in all walks of life take control of their circumstances to find ways of achieving their vocational, professional, or entrepreneurial goals to improve their lives…and the lives of those they love—So we can dream it…And DO It! DreamSTRONG™!

We are offering you a publishing opportunity for 2014!  OptiMystic™ Press is proud to offer this unique project for writers everywhere to become an integral part of the DreamSTRONG™ movement and a wonderful way to GET PUBLISHED—this year!

BOOK TITLE:  DreamSTRONG™ ~ A Daybook of 365 Evening Reflections

This is a compilation calendar-style gift book of 365 inspirational messages that your readers will cherish—year after year.  Your written submission will be assigned to individual calendar date(s), and you create a unique motivational message for that day. Your reflections of 200 words or less will represent your page of the Daybook along with your brief bio and contact information. You may request specific date(s) if you like, but HURRY as all date requests will be honored on a first-come first-served basis. Specific questions may be emailed to the Editor-in-Chief at OM Press, Shanda Trofe at shanda@om-press.com or via the website.

Projected publication date: Fall 2014 — In time for the 2014 Holiday shopping season. Sell your book online, at events, tradeshows, or give as memorable gifts. (Daybooks make great gifts and are often found on coffee tables and nightstands for many years to come!)

Submission & Publication Fee: We’ve kept it affordable for all!  Only $59 per page & be published in 2014. And, you can save even more!  Receive a 10% discount when you  reserve 3 (three) or more Daybook pages!

Reserve your space in this Daybook today.  Space is limited for this project as these pages are filling up fast! Visit: www.om-press.com/dreamstrong-daybook to reserve your requested dates.


A Dose of Gratitude

Sexy, Self-Made SuccessI’m sending a marvelously big THANK YOU to April Iannazzone, Founder and Creator of Sexy, Self-Made Success International Women’s Business Conference… also known as the 3S Club. I had the distinct honor of speaking to a beautiful, energetic and super intelligent group of women on Friday, July 11, but we were together throughout the weekend. It was glorious meeting so many BRIGHT LIGHTS! If you weren’t there, you missed something unique and special!  I was thrilled to meet the amazing women that share a mastermind with me. We call ourselves many things, but WOW… we are the Sacred 7! Everyone should be so lucky.

Thank you to my publishing partner, Shanda Trofe and my husband, Brent for being there to woman/man the table and answer the many questions we received about the process of getting a book published.  We are looking forward to working with the authors that are embarking on a new journey with us! share story

So while you’re browsing, check out www.om-press.com for more writing opportunities. Join our family of authors and experience what it’s truly like to be treated with integrity and value.

It’s back home and back to work!

Wishing you and yours a super duper weekend!




Join Me in This Book Opportunity!

sell it sister tshirt 2Sell It, Sister! Your Product or Your Point of View™ is a new book series dedicated to helping women design and claim the skills needed to help her stand out among the rest. This isn’t the ‘good old boys’ club of selling products, running a business or stating our individual point of view. Learn how to gain confidence plus learn specific techniques that will take your goals to another level! Volume I is lead by Connie Gorrell along with a team of business women who know how to get things done and are happy to share their secrets. Watch for future editions with more women experts covering many other important issues that women in business face today. Will YOU be among these authors and experts? Apply TODAY! Chapters are extremely limited in each compilation edition of the series, so get in while you can. You won’t be sorry! Published by OptiMystic PressClick here to visit publisher’s website and view the other current opportunities. www.om-press.com


You Should Write a Book!

…or at least a chapter in one! 

Have you been told that you should write a book? Check out OptiMystic Press! New titles for inclusion in the choice of two multi-author compilation books have just been announced. Choose titles in the Spirituality and Self-Help category or the Business and Professional category.

Current Spiritual and Self Help Titles:

Business titles will be announced in the near future.

A compilation book is a multi-authored book with each author contributing at least one chapter to the entirety. Compilation books are a great way to gain exposure for your writing while earning the credibility of becoming a published author. With multiple authors participating in one book, the reach and marketing efforts are far greater. This is a chance to be in the company of other talented authors who have similar interests and experiences as you. However, everyone’s story is unique and your story deserves to be told!

OM Press also offers publishing opportunities for solo writers that are seeking a publisher for their work. A customized budget plan is established depending on specific criteria of each work.

OptiMystic Press specializes in:

  • Single author books
  • Multi-author / compilation books
  • Digital publications & other opportunities
  • Express Publishing Package for Service Industry Professionals (attorneys, doctors, dentists, realtors, and more!)
  • Training Materials
  • Coaching & Editing Services

If you’re looking for a new publishing home for your precious written works and high value for your hard earned money, look no further than OptiMystic Press—Professional Publishing Services With a Personal Touch!

Seeing Your York Published is Believing….Being OptiMystic is Mandatory!