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The Love Never Ends

A few years ago I met an most amazing woman at a writer’s conference who was there to do a keynote presentation. As ‘fate’ would have it, she and I connected that day and my life has never been the same. We became soul sisters from the get-go and what a ride it has been!  Sunny Dawn Johnston was speaking that day about the process of writing a book for publication. At that time, her new book. Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body Mind and Soul was due to be released a few weeks later. It hit the literary scene with a splash and Sunny and her team set out across the country on her “Living Room Book Tour.” Since that time, she has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people and has released several more books as well.

I had the distinct privilege of being among the very first to read her newest book, The Love Never Ends.  This is a very loving and beautiful book and I was honored to share my insights with Sunny. In my life’s unique situation, I KNOW, without hesitation, what undying love looks like. Our loved ones live on, and on so many levels. I thank God for this book and its author for teaching me so tenderly how to tap into that vast love for my children and begin the process of healing. I’ll go one step further…she taught me how to teach from the the depths of my heart and energy to help others struggling along the same path. Thanks to Sunny, I’ll do this with all my heart ’til my dying day.

It is with pride and pleasure that I share a wonderful opportunity for you to learn to be open to that love as well.  The Love Never Ends teleclass series by Sunny Dawn Johnston is based on her last book, The Love Never Ends.

Register tsee you thereo join Sunny live on April 14th, 21st, and 28th, 9pm EST.
CLICK HERE: The Love Never Ends Teleclass Series with Sunny Dawn Johnston  


356 Days of Angel Prayers

365-Days-of-Angel-Prayers-Book-FlatI have some great news to share!

I am one of over 160 amazing ‘Angel authors’ from around the world who have joined together for the first time to collaborate on a wonderful new book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers. I love to share my work with the world and when this opportunity presented itself I was guided to open my heart to rejoice about the blessings that surround every day. My prayers are answered and I know yours can be, too.

The 365 Days of Angel Prayers book is one of the ways I can make a difference in your life and in the lives of anyone seeking guidance, support, healing and love. Every day there is a new and inspiring angel prayer; there’s even one for leap year making this book timeless, a gift that will keep on giving day after day, year after year.

What a great gift to give and receive!

Imagine Receiving the Gift of Knowing:

  • That you are NEVER Alone
  • That you have angels ready to assist you at any given moment
  • That you can connect with the angels every day using unique prayers 
  • That you are part of a great illumination of love and light on a daily global basis


365 Days of Angel Prayers is a gathering of daily angel invocations, blessings, prayers and essays written by people who look to their angels for guidance to manifest joy, healing, deep peace and love. This is the first time a community of global Angel Messengers have come together, on such a large scale, to offer a book that crosses cultural and religious beliefs to capture, warm, nurture and heal every heart. This is a delightful book that people of all ages and beliefs will love, cherish and welcome into their lives.

Only $17.95 and I will sign each copy on my selected date in the book!  

(Hint: …It appears in the summertime!) 

365 Days of Angel Prayers

The NEW Stress-Response Diet & Lifestyle Program

SRD Cover new editionI am pleased to announce the newest book launch of my publishing company, OptiMystic Press, Inc. 

The New Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program written by Bill Cortright and his daughter, Alex.  

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Are you dieting and exercising yet cannot lose weight?

Do you sleep through the night yet wake-up tired?

Do you have insatiable cravings for sweets and carbs?

Do you gain weight mainly around your midsection (Belly Fat)?

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and that life is just out of control?

Is your overall health deteriorating each year?

All of these symptoms stem from the same cause—STRESS. In Bill Cortright’s groundbreaking book The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program he reveals the secret of what it really takes to manage and master stress. Unmanaged stress is what causes metabolic upset and the downward spiral of our health while increasing our weight. Bill’s original best selling book The Stress-Response Diet revealed why stress was the main culprit in causing us to gain weight. In his NEW book he reveals the results of testing over 4000 patients at his EliteFitForever Wellness Clinics. Out of these amazing results came the updated version of The NEW Stress-Response Diet book with completely updated diet and exercise regimens that creates a Total Metabolic Reset in just 30 Days. Included is a step by step menu plan for a total metabolic reset and maintenance as well!

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Joy in Mourning?

People have made thlove and joye comment to me that I come across as ‘Joyful’ and full of ‘Light.’ Hmm …Interesting choices, I think to myself.

There have been times in my life that to be considered a person that exuded any essence of joy would have been unfathomable. I was in the throes of mourning the deaths of my only children. Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no joy in mourning. Right?  If I’ve learned anything in this thing called life, I know that it comes down to the choices we make. There may be little joy in mourning…but there can be much joy while mourning. I’ll explain.

Puzzled people have asked, “How do you survive having stood at the graves of your only children—and those of your husband’s only children, too?” It is as simple as this: I am not my story. I choose to rewrite my story as I stumble along. Blame, shame, and judgment against ourselves or each other serves no one, yet we sometimes weaken and become snarled in that scenario. Whether it’s the death of a loved one or traumatic change in your life’s situation, you can learn to stop the spiral and start to trust the goodness of Spirit. It takes effort and a sincere, maybe even raw, reality check.

Go ahead, fall down if you’re going to. The world looks different while lying on the ground looking up. I should know. I turned the corner of my sadness when a teacher walked into my life and I had the presence of mind to notice. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. “Trust the process,” she tells me. Again and again.

I found joy while mourning because I have the memories of two beautiful boys that gave me the honor of being their mother. And in being that mother, how could I dishonor their legacy by never having recovered from their deaths? I do it for them. Every. single. day.  It’s the choice I make.

I am here to tell you that joy is simply your Inner Light. The light Spirit innately gave you from the very beginning of it all. The illuminating light that shined within you when your children were born, when you fell in love, or even now when music fills your dreams. Be open to receive and honor your Light, your legacy of love.

Today’s affirmations: I choose love. I choose joy.